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Australian Made Horizontal Beehive 32 Frames

32 Frames

- No more lifting of heavy boxes.Beekeeping for everyone. Bad Back "No Problem"

No more bending and lifting heavy bee boxes. The Horizontal beehive is great for people in wheel chairs and very easy for elderly people.

Bee management is possible, making it easy to harvest and manipulate
colonies to maximize honey production.

-Easier on Bees with minimal Disturbance when combined with Slates during inspections.

- Standard Langstroth frames are used for easy interchangeability.

-Easy to transfer Nuc to this horizontal hive due to the Interchangeability of frames.

-Stable hive -less to worry in a storm vs stacked hives.

-Queen excluder is interchangeable at any point in this 32 -36 frame Hive for easy management based on your local flow and for swarm management.

- Beetle tray for integrated pest management for Small hive beetles.

This hive is water proof coated with sealer 

Length=133 cm, Width = 54 cm, Height = 95 cm