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Beekeeping Gear

Australian Native Bees


Author:   Anne Dollin et al.
Publisher:  NSW Department of Primary Industries

Combining the substantial expertise of many of Australia's leading native bee researchers, this book is a guide to observing and keeping Australia's broad range of native bee species.

Table of contents
  • Bee biology and behavior

  • Bees as pollinators

  • Agricultural be escapes

  • Native bees for pollination services

  • Urban bee ecology

  • Creating artificial nest sites for Australian solitary and semi-social bees

  • Bee identification

  • Stingless bees

  • Capturing, photographing, and classifying bees

  • Bee biosecurity

  • FAQ about Australian native bees

  • Published in 2016, Australian native bees is part of the AgGuide series.

    It is brilliantly photographed and illustrated and includes 170 full-colour A4pages.