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Beekeeping Gear

Premium Quality Copper Core Honey Refractometer

  • It's designed for checking the quality of honey and other high sugar related liquids.

  • 3-in-1 scale design makes you know three indexes at one time: honey moisture/ brix/ Baume.

  • Measuring Range: Water Content (Moisture) 12-27%, Brix 58-90%, Be' (Baume) 38-43. Division: 0.5% Water, 0.5% Brix, 0.25 Be'(Baume) .

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation makes it even easier to get fast results.

  • Durable and Easy to Use & Carry -- Ideal for bee-keeping, food industry, agricultural & educational purposes.


Measuring Range:
38-43 Be' (Baume)
12-27% Water
0 .5% Brix
0.5Be' (Baume)
1% Water
±0.5% Brix
±0.5Be' (Baume)
±1% Water


It includes:
1 X Brix Refractometer
1 X Pipette
1 X Mini screw driver
1 X Mini cleaning cloth
1 X Soft Protective Carrying Case
1 X Operations manual