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Apimaye Thermo 30 Frame Insulated, Assembled Bee Hive System with Plastic Frames

The world's best beehive system now available in Australia.

This is authentic and genuine APIMAYE beehive not any replica

Welcome to the next generation beehive system. Apimaye beehives are rated the best bee hives by beekeepers all around the world. This hive system delivers an award winning design with highest quality materials that you and your bees deserve. Check out why our reviewers call it the iPhone of beehives.

  • Insulated to maintain constant brood temperature at extreme climatic conditions
  • Ventilation to reduce moisture and diseases
  • Lower food consumption during winter
  • Better colony development in spring
  • Loaded with easy add-on accessories
  • Compatible with your existing beekeeping equipment
  • More practical, more hygienic, bee friendly, UV-resistant, food grade material

For more reviews and quality just Google "Apimaye thermo hive"

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Package Contents

Fully assembelled Beehive, no assembly required, just put the bees.

  • 2 x Deep super
  • 1 x Deep brood box
  • Top cover feeder
  • Pollen Trap
  • Beetle trap
  • Top Bee feeder
  • Screen bottom with entrance reducer and built in pollen trap and drawer
  • 30 x Full depth plastic frames
  • Queen excluder
  • Frame spacers
  • Optional wax sheets


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