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Beekeeping Gear

Beekeeping Starter Kit 1 Oz Armour New Zealand Pine Beehive & Tools



Choice of 16 /20 Frames Beehive

New Zealand pine Beehive Flat Pack

OZ-Armour Beehive Boxes are made with Best in Class New Zealand Pine. These boxes are 22 mm thick which is class-leading. Known for durability our beehives are free of Defects and Knots. Machine Cut and Pre-Fit finger Joints, fit like gloves sanding and chiselling is absolutely not required. All our boxes are pre-drilled and we Supply Stainless Screws with them.

  • 16 or 20-Frame (please choose from the options) standard Langstroth beehive with un-assembled frames, finger l joints boxes, very easy to assemble
  • 2 x full depth 10 Frames boxes (for 20 frames) or 2 x Full Depth 8 Frame boxes( for 16 frames) *{un-assembled}*
  • 1 lid, 1 bottom
  • 2 x Cleats
  • 1 x base board
  • 1 x Metallic Queen Excluder
  • Galvanized Top Lid
  • Tools
  • Stainless steel wire roll
  • Bag of eyelets
  • Wire Embedder used to embed the wire into the wax foundation
  • Eyelets insert tool, makes job much easier to insert eyelets into the frames
  • 20 x Australian made premium quality full depth wax foundations made by E C TOBIN Raglan NSW
  • If you would like to customize this kit e.g. Assembled Frames, add a Beekeeping Suit or Jacket or exclude any product, pleaseContact Us or call 1300 692 766