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Ceracell Queen Excluder Plastic -8 frames


The 8 Frame Super is a great way for beekeepers to maintain a full-depth box but minimize the weight. Instead of switching to a 3/4, depth box beekeepers may prefer the full-depth frame. The 8 Frame Super allows a reduction in weight by reducing how many frames the box can hold. The box is reduced width-wise to only suit 8 full-depth frames, this enables a reduction in weight but still utilizes the full-depth frames. 

Our most popular queen excluder, designed and patented by Ceracell, and injection moulded from virgin food grade plastic in New Zealand, from our own die too.  There are no sharp edges on the plastic excluder to ensure that the bee's wings are safe as they push through the excluder. Other imported inferior products may have this "sharp" edge and should be avoided. 

The plastic queen excluder is used extensively throughout New Zealand and exported to Australia and the Pacific Islands.  A cost-effective choice for the commercial operator or the budget-conscious hobbyist. 

This is for an 8-frame Langstroth hive-sized plastic queen excluder. 

Note that it is available in both the standard 10-frame box version and the 8-frame box version used by many Australian beekeepers.