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Beekeeping Gear

OZ ARMOUR Fully Drawn Honey Combs, Revolutionary Product. Made In Europe "Foundation Only Frames Are Not Included!"


Foundation Only Frames are not Included!!!

Full Drawn Honey Comb Full Depth or Ideal (Frames are not included)

THE VALUE OF SYNTHETIC COMB TO BEEKEEPERS Everyone knows, bees make bees-wax. But beekeepers know that it takes about 6 to 7 KG of honey to make 1 KG of beeswax. By some estimates, a single pound of beeswax is roughly the equivalent to the wax in three deep frames of honeycomb.' A typical Langstroth hive with 20 deep frames of comb then would require the bees to consume over 25 to 30 KG of honey. Just to build the comb. This biological fact makes beeswax a precious resource to bees and beekeepers alike.

OZ ARMOUR HexaCell is a completely drawn comb made of food-grade, virgin, synthetic wax, similar in composition to beeswax. Unlike regular foundation, OZ ARMOUR HexaCell does not need to be drawn out by the bees. When installed into a deep frame (not included), the frame is ready for the bees to use. OZ ARMOUR HexaCell provide bees instant access to space for brood or nectar without needing time and resources to draw out comb.

There are several advantages to using drawn comb over standard foundation. OZ ARMOUR HexaCell can significantly benefit both packages and nucleus colonies. When packages are first installed in a hive, they must draw out comb before raising brood. By allowing immediate egg laying, OZ ARMOUR HexaCell encourages rapid brood production, which increases the colony’s productivity. Similarly, when nucleus colonies are first installed in their hives, the bees may begin storing nectar in the brood nest of the nuc, as it may be the only space available. If the brood area becomes plugged with nectar, the colony’s swarming impulse can be triggered. OZ ARMOUR HexaCell gives bees built-out space to expand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use?

These combs can be embed in a wired frames same as normal wax foundation. You can use electric wire embedder or use a battery, see the attached image

What is OZ ARMOUR HexaCell made from?

OZ ARMOUR HexaCell is produced from synthetic wax similar in chemical composition to beeswax. The wax is a mixture of ingredients synthesized from mineral and plant sources and contains no animal fats or by-products.

Is it safe?

Yes. OZ ARMOUR HexaCell is produced in an ISO 22000-certified facility. All ingredients are food or pharmaceutical grade, and do not include any toxic or harmful ingredients.

How do bees use OZ ARMOUR HexaCell?

Bees use OZ ARMOUR HexaCell as they use any other comb once they become acquainted with it. Queens will lay eggs and raise brood in the OZ ARMOUR Hexa Cell, and workers will store pollen and nectar in it. Bees will repair and adjust the comb just as they do with real comb.

Can I mix it with other frames?

Yes. There are certain configurations that work best when mixing with other frames. Alternating frames is not recommended. See photos in instructions for additional information.

Can I extract the frames?

OZ ARMOUR HexaCell frames are fragile unless assembled with wires. We do not recommend extracting the frames unless the combs are installed into fully wired frames. This item does not include parts needed for wiring.

What do I do with the wax at end of life?

At the end of a frame’s useful life, the combs can be melted down. The resulting wax can be used for candles, but is not beeswax. We have found the OZ ARMOUR HexaCell wax and mixtures with beeswax make excellent candles.

 The Drawn honeycomb is made from a synthetic wax that very resembles in their physical, geometrical and material attributes to natural honeycomb made by bees.

- Controlled and certified food grade quality raw material

- Bees can work on it right away

- Using Drawn combs new bee colonies can be established faster

- Using this comb can be ensured Bio quality of honey

- Quick handling of swarming

- Easy to ensure the establishment of replacement and additional frames in short time.

- Storable until first use without risk of wax moth problem.

Average comb thickness: 24.5 mm