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Beekeeping Gear

Hive bottom with mesh For Honey Paw polystyrene Beehive

Available from the End of May

Hive bottom with mesh. Provides stable and healthy environment for the honeybees during the whole year. With this hive bottom is possible to use integrated varroa tray. Made of expanded polystyrene with density of 100 kg / m3. This makes the material durable and long lasting.

Bottom is same size as the Honey Paw’s bee boxes and the entrance is made so that the there is no need for entrance blocks or mouse guard. Bottom with mesh should be placed a little above of the ground (i.e. on a wooden pallet) so that there is a “open space” directly under the hive bottom. As an option you can close the bottom opening by separate closing board. The hive entrance should be blocked only when moving the hive or when splitting the beehive.