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OZ APIARIST Beekeeping Jacket & Trousers Combo With Your Choice Of Veil

Veil Type

-Jacket and Trousers both have very solid elastic at the end of the garment ,so making it hard for bees to getting in.

-Trousers has front zip and knee padding.
- The Suit is made from heavy duty professional grade material.
- Best quality thick cotton polyester and will last for years. It comes in White, Blue and Pink.
- This suit is designed for great visibility and protection.
- Breathable and comfortable.
- Hooped Style Fencing or Round Hat Detachable Veil with excellent visibility, bigger in size, bees won't be able to sting on your nose

· Veil has Velcro & zipper to prevent bees getting in.

· Sizes allow for ample clothing worn underneath your suit

· Elasticated waist and wrists, zip on ankles
· Plenty of pockets
· Male / Female (Unisex)