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Ultimate Beetle Trap Kit

Ultimate Beetle Trap Kit

Introducing the Ultimate Beetle Trap Kit, a comprehensive solution for beekeepers combating hive beetles. This kit includes essential components like Diatomaceous Earth, Top Bait Plus, Guardian Beetle Trap, Apis Small Hive Beetle Trap, and Beetle Trap Aluminum, ensuring effective pest management in apiaries.


  • Diatomaceous Earth: Natural insecticide for controlling hive beetle populations.
  • Top Bait Plus: Specifically formulated bait to attract and trap beetles.
  • Guardian Beetle Trap: Provides physical trapping of beetles inside the hive.
  • Apis Small Hive Beetle Trap: Designed to target small hive beetles without harming bees.
  • Beetle Trap Aluminum: Durable trap for monitoring and capturing beetles around the hive.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Offers multiple methods to combat hive beetles at various stages of infestation.


  • Contents: Includes 1 Kg Diatomaceous Earth, 35 g Top Bait Plus, Guardian Beetle Trap, Apis Small Hive Beetle Trap, and Beetle Trap Aluminum.
  • Usage: Suitable for use in both small and large apiaries.
  • Effectiveness: Proven tools for reducing hive beetle populations and protecting bee colonies.

Protect your bee colonies with the Ultimate Beetle Trap Kit. Ensure hive health and productivity by effectively managing hive beetle populations.

Order now and safeguard your apiary from destructive hive beetles. Click "Add to Cart" to secure your kit and maintain thriving bee colonies!