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Sizing Guide

Please refer to the sizing charts in the images below. If you are not sure about your measurements and don't want to follow the size chart, as a rule of thumb, just choose one size up than your regular clothing size.

 e.g. if your T-Shirt size is Large, please choose XL. This will allow enough room for internal clothing and you can't go wrong.

Please note a loose bee suit is always good and provides better protection, if your bee suit hangs on the crotch, it will be comfortable when you are sitting and working on the hives.

Size guidelines

For average size body

150 to 153 Centimetres height, recommended size XS

153 to 162 Centimetres height, recommended size Small

163 to 170 Centimetres height, recommended size Medium

171 to 176 Centimetres height, recommended size Large

176 to 182 Centimetres height, recommended size X-Large

182 to 189 Centimetres height, Body weight 19 to 100KG recommended size XXL

182 to 189 Centimetres height, recommended, body weight 110 KG size 3XL


For Stouts (Big & Short) have to chose one or 2 sizes up depends on the size of the waist and body weight
If you have very large hips, please consider buying Jacket and Trouser, we have Trousers available in short and regular length