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Australian Made Wax Foundations Full Depth


Australian Made Wax Foundations Full Depth

Ensure the success of your beekeeping operation with our Australian Made Wax Foundations Full Depth. Proudly crafted from pure Australian beeswax, these foundations are designed to support healthy hive development and superior honey production.


  • Clean, Pure Wax: Manufactured using clean, additive-free wax, ensuring the best quality for your bees.
  • High Density: Full density wax foundations provide enhanced durability and a longer product life.
  • Temperature Guidelines: For optimal flexibility, use at room temperature (25°C - 30°C). Note that storing the foundations for extended periods may cause cracking in winter.
  • Local Expertise: Produced by expert staff, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.
  • Wide Delivery: Safe and secure delivery available all over Australia, with careful and good packaging to ensure the integrity of the product.


  • Material: Pure Australian beeswax
  • Dimensions: 423 mm x 200 mm x 1 mm (LxWxH)
  • Package Weight: 14 KG
  • Number of Sheets: 180 - 185 sheets per package

Invest in the best for your bees with our Australian Made Wax Foundations Full Depth. With top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, these foundations are the perfect choice for a thriving hive. Order now and experience the difference of locally made, pure beeswax foundations.

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