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Beekeeping Gear

Lets Harvest! Uncapping Harvesting Kit

Honey Extractor

Introducing the Let's Harvest Kit, your all-in-one solution for uncapping and honey extraction. This comprehensive kit is designed to make the uncapping process smooth and efficient, ensuring you can enjoy the fruits of your beekeeping labour with ease.

Let's take a closer look at the components and features of this kit:


  1. 20 KG Bucket with Premium Leak-Proof Honey Gate (Made in Turkey): This high-quality bucket is designed to securely hold your harvested honey, with a premium leak-proof honey gate for precise pouring and minimal waste.

  2. Uncapping Bench: A sturdy and reliable bench specifically designed to hold frames during the uncapping process, providing stability and convenience.

  3. Double Layer Stainless Steel Honey Filter: This innovative filter ensures that your honey is free from impurities, offering a double layer of filtration for a clean and pure end product.

  4. New Style Uncapping Fork: With its ergonomic design, this uncapping fork allows for precise and effortless uncapping, making the process efficient and hassle-free.

  5. Standard Uncapping Fork: A versatile tool for beekeepers, the fork also helps remove excess wax and propolis, ensuring a clean and hygienic honeycomb.

  6. Stainless Steel Uncapping Knife: This high-quality stainless steel knife is perfect for smoothly and cleanly removing cappings from honeycomb frames.

Optional: Three or Four Frames Manual Honey Extractor: If you choose the optional honey extractor, you can effortlessly extract honey from three or four frames, making the extraction process even more efficient.


  • Made in Europe: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision, the Let's Harvest Kit is proudly made in Europe, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.
  • High-Class Machinery: This kit incorporates advanced OZ ARMOUR Beekeeping Technology, guaranteeing superior performance and durability.
  • .50 mm Sheet Thickness: The kit features a sturdy construction with a .50 mm sheet thickness, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • SS 304 Food Grade Steel: The use of SS 304 food-grade steel ensures that your honey remains safe and uncontaminated throughout the extraction process.
  • Chrome-Plated Basket SS 304: The chrome-plated basket is not only visually appealing but also adds to the durability and longevity of the kit.
  • Electrostatic Painted Foot and Protection Ring: Adds stability and protection, making the kit reliable and safe to use.
  • Unbreakable Transparent Cover: The unbreakable transparent cover allows for easy monitoring of the extraction process while ensuring the safety of the user.
  • Stainless Steel Honey Gate: The stainless steel honey gate offers a secure and reliable way to control the flow of honey during extraction.
  • Can Take Full Depth or Half Size (Ideal) Frames: The kit is designed to accommodate both full depth and half-size frames, providing versatility to suit your specific needs.