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Beekeeping Gear

Mesh Bottom Board With Beetle Trap and Beehive Stand with Frame Holder


Mesh bottom Board with beetle trap comes with Aluminium Sliding tray Very effective against beetles 

The high-quality screened bottom board. As a result of the ventilation,  moisture will not accumulate inside this product during cold weather. This method of cooling enhances hive productivity and helps the honey mature sooner during hot weather. It consists of a galvanized sliding tray, wooden frame, and stainless steel mesh. It is straightforward to clean this product.

A mesh base is included for hive health, ventilation, and small hive beetle management. . Beetles are chased around the hive by the bees and fall through the mesh in the tray. You can trap beetles with chux cloth, diatomaceous earth, or oil in the removable tray drawer.

Beehive stand with frame holder

It comes in 8 and 10 Frames hives.

It has steel rods to hold the frames while inspecting your frames.

Please note: Beehive and frames not included


Mesh bottom board :

10 Frames :  550mm *410mm *110cm fits boxes size ( 505mm *405mm ) 

8 frames : 550mm*360mm*110mm fits box size ( 505mm*355 mm )

Stand dimensions

 10 frames =580mm * 420mm *325 mm 

8 frames =580mm *370mm *325 mm