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Beekeeping Gear

OZ ARMOUR Gabled Telescopic Beehive With Mesh Bottom Board


Product Description 

  • Assembled Gabled Telescopic Roof with ventilation. 
  • Mesh Bottom Board with Beetle Trap tray. 
  • 2 x Full depth Boxes Flat Pack 
  • In case you choose Optional frames, Unassembled or wired, the quantity of the frames of option 10 frames will be 20, and 8 frames will be 16. 
  • If the option of no frames is selected, there will be no frames included in the package. 
  • Inner cover Included


  • Height of Whole Hive: 754mm 
  • Length of Mesh Bottom Board: 540mm
  • Width of 10F Box: 406mm 
  • Length of 10F Box: 508mm 
  • Height of Gabled Lid: 184mm 
  • Width of Gabled Lid: 563mm 

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