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Beekeeping Gear

Observation Beehives

It is used to display of bees for a day and then returned to the hive.

Entrance control, can be closed for transportation

Made of wood Plastic transparent sheet for display

Watch the bees without disturbing them

Monitor whether the bees are collecting nectar and pollen.

Observe comb construction
Sharpen your queen spotting skills
By observing what is happening in the observation hive, you can get a good gauge on what your yard bees are doing as well


Beekeeping: There are some beekeepers who use observation hives for assessing the health status of their colonies without necessarily opening up the main hive thus reducing disruption to the bees.

Public Engagement: This gives opportunity to the public at large on close interaction with bees thereby creating awareness on the importance of these important pollinators and their role in ecosystems.

Education: Observation bee hives are employed in schools, museums and other educational facilities to teach people about the behavior of bees, hive structures and how different types of bees are used within a colony.

Research: Therefore, scientists and researchers use observation hives as tools to study bee behaviours, communication among them, and other facets of bee biology in a controlled environment.