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Plastic Bee hive Entrance Reducer


Plastic Entrance Reducer

Looking to protect your beehive from unwanted guests during harsh weather conditions? The Plastic Entrance Reducer may be just what you need! Made from durable and weatherproof plastic, this reducer is designed to help you manage the size of your hive entrance to match your specific needs.


The entrance reducer features sliders that can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the size of the entrance. In the winter, reducing the size of the entrance can help protect your hive from potential robbers while also making it easier for your bees to guard the hive. Similarly, it can be useful to reduce the entrance when installing a new Nuc beehive or package bees.


They can fit well on the wooden boxes but unfortunately not on plastic or polystryene beehives.


Get your Plastic Entrance Reducer today and help ensure your beehive stays safe and secure in all weather conditions!