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Beekeeping Gear

OZ ARMOUR Telescopic Beehive 20/16 Frames Full Depth Made In Australia & New Zealand Flat Pack

Queen Excluder


    OZ-Armour Beehive Boxes are made with Best in Class New Zealand Pinewood. These boxes are 22 mm thick which is class-leading. Known for durability our beehives are free of Defects and Knots 

    Flat Pack Unassembled 

    Base & Lid are made in Australia by Weathertex 

    Boxes are made in New Zealand 

    Box Contents 

    • 2 x Weathertex boards for the base & Telescopic Lid 
    • Treated pine cleats 
    • Lid Rims 
    • 2 x New Zealand Pine Full-depth boxes 
    • 1 x  Queen excluder 
    • 20/16 x optional assembled or unassembled frames 

    Weathertex (weatherproof boards) are preferred by commercial beekeepers as compared to Galvanised or wooden tops. Galvanised lids get very hot in the summer. 

    Weathertex uses PEFC-certified state forests or private hardwoods from controlled sources. The logs are chipped, pulped, and pressed with 3% natural wax to make Australian timber products that are completely natural with no chemical additives. 


    • Australian-made and owned. 
    • Better than zero carbon footprint. 
    • 100% natural: 97% natural timber and 3% natural wax. 
    • Termite resistant: all sugars and starches removed. 
    • No chemical additives: no artificial glues, resins, or formaldehyde, and no silica. 
    • Repainting is required only after 15 years 

     Boxes are made in New Zealand. 



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