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If you are looking for a bulk buy, we can cater to all types of huge orders. Sometimes you can see special offers or discounts on a product. This discount is available on all types of orders even if you are placing a bulk quantity.

If the bulk order needs special treatment, you can connect with us via live chat or helpline. Before placing the order, please inquire about the available quantity. We try to deliver large orders within the discussed time frame. But if the desired quantity is not available instantly, we have to place a bulk order with our suppliers.We Ensure Your Bulk Buy Will Go Smoothly...!

The shipping charges Paid are Approximate calculated by TNT. Please Contact us for better shipping charges as we will compare it with other shipping companies.

Items on this page are sent on pallets and you need to have forklift to unload the pallets. If you do not have forklift the items will be sent to the nearest depot. If you do not have forklift and still want home delivery additional charges might be added.