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Beekeeping Gear

HiveGate, Robber Bees Protection Entrance

Price= $29.99 

Made in New Zealand 

A simple, low-cost adjustment to any honey bee hive entrance helps bees protect against wasps (yellow jackets), robber bees, and other would-be intruders. By creating a tunnel from the entrance of the hive to beneath the cluster, HiveGate not only confuses intruders, it also seems to help bees to regulate the temperature and humidity of their nest much more precisely, thereby potentially boosting their health and productivity. 

HiveGate, a 27 cm long and 7 cm wide insert, is placed in an existing hive entrance. Bees entering through HiveGate emerge directly under the brood nest cluster and can therefore deliver their foraging load directly where it is needed. In contrast, pest intruders that succeed in getting past the guard bees at the front entrance quickly become confused by HiveGate, are unable to make a quick exit, and are easily dealt with by the colony. 

The honey bee colony quickly becomes habituated to the tunnel entrance. However, intruders emerging from HiveGate are quickly surrounded and dispatched by the bees as they struggle to find the exit to the hive. Any that do escape do so empty-handed and are unlikely to return.”