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Buzz: A book of happiness for bee lovers

Buzz captures bees in all of their moods, from serious (every bee has a job to do) to quirky (they communicate using the waggle dance).

Bees are fun to watch and a delight to listen to. They’re endlessly fascinating and very photogenic. The lives of bees and humans are intricately intertwined. The bee symbol was part of the Egyptian hieroglyphic language; Hindu gods are often associated with bees; the Quran records specific instructions to bees; there are references to bees in the Bible; and Buddhists point out that the bee does no harm, instead taking only what is needed. Ancient civilizations admired the industry, organization and hierarchical structure of bee life. Napoleon adopted the bee as his symbol. And today the bee is a style inspiration for fabrics, jewellery and even architecture.


Throughout our history, most people have generally taken bees for granted. But now they are under pressure. Writers and conservationists have worked hard to raise our awareness of their plight, and

nowadays no respectable community is far from a few hives. So progress is being made, but there is much more to do.


This book is a celebration of the life and work of the bee. With quotes from poets and philosophers, Bindi Irwin and Winnie the Pooh, proverbial wisdom and Shakespeare, Buzz reminds us to respect and protect this extraordinary insect.