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Ceracell Beehive Top Feeder 8 Frames with Unassembled Wooden Housing

Ceracell Beehive Top Feeder 8 Frames with Unassembled Wooden Housing

The Ceracell Beehive Top Feeder 8 Frames is designed to make feeding your bees easier and more efficient. This top feeder complete kit includes an unassembled wooden rim, a set of corner caps, and a center chimney cap. The wooden box is supplied as assembled, ready for immediate use.


  • Unassembled Wooden Rim: High-quality wooden construction, durable and easy to assemble.
  • Corner Caps & Center Chimney Cap: Includes essential components for versatile feeding options.
  • Assembled Wooden Box: Conveniently provided in an assembled state for quick setup.


Top feeders are ideal for feeding raw or dry white sugar in early and mid-winter. Skip the "chimney cap" to let the bees range across the feeder. For dry white sugar, add a damp sponge to provide moisture. In late winter/early spring, feed heavy syrup (2 kg sugar to 1 liter water) using the chimney cap to restrict bees' access and prevent them from reaching the bulk of the liquid.


  • Dimensions: Fits standard 8-frame hives.
  • Material: High-quality, food-grade plastic and durable wood.
  • Capacity: Holds ample sugar or syrup to support your colony.
  • Usage: Suitable for both raw and dry sugar, as well as heavy syrup feeding.

Ensure your bees are well-fed and healthy throughout the year with the Ceracell Beehive Top Feeder. Order yours today and experience the convenience and efficiency of top-feeding.