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Beekeeping Gear

Honey Pump & Filter

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Product size: 360*200*150mm Pumping Amount (kg honey/h) ~ 1000 kg/h
Fittings 2x 2" BS hose connection
Materials: Massive Plastic
Rotation Speed: 180 RPM
Length: 26.5cm
Width: 14.5 cm
Voltage:110-230 V/12V
Pumping Amount (L/h) 700 L/h Filter mesh number: 100 mesh

1.Install the filter mesh (80 mesh, 100 mesh, 120 mesh) at the front of the inlet pipe.
2.Fill 40-60 milliliters of honey into the gearbox.
3.After opening the power switch on the top of the machine, the device starts, and the
speed of the device is controlled by adjusting the knob.
4.Note: Please see the video for detailed description of bucket filtering.