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Beekeeping Gear

Honey Bee Pests & Diseases

A Complete Guide to Prevention and Management
Robert Owen, Jean-Pierre Y. Scheerlinck
& Mark Stevenson

Along with climate change, and the increasing international
trade in bees and bee products, the risks to bees and their
colonies is considerably greater then ever before. Beekeeping is
expensive and time consuming. This practical book will help you
safeguard your bees and your investments. Normally confined
to expensive complicated journals, the information here is both
high level and of immediate practical use.

The authors have plenty of hands-on real-world bee keeping knowledge. They are globally
experienced, passionate and practical experts, who communicate vital and complicated
information with clarity.
Robert Owen is a highly experienced beekeeper and writer. His articles have appeared in The
American Bee Journal and many others around the world. He is the author of the definitive Australian
Beekeeping Manual and his work for USAID has him travelling the world advising on bee diseases and
Mark Stevenson is a Professor at Melbourne University and an has extensive New Zealand and
Australian experience with infectious and non-infectious disease threats.
John-Pierre Y Sheerlinck has studied in Brussels and Kenya as well as Australia, where he is a
Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology. He also established the University Bee Club.