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Beekeeping Gear

Bayvarol Strips Pack of 20


• Very safe to use
• Twice the contact area of 2 strip treatments (4 strips/brood chamber)
• Kind to beeswax, propolis & comb honey
• Very gentle on queen bees & nucs
• Up to 5 year expiry date

Can currently only be purchased in NSW and ACT

This product must be kept below 25°C. Shipping is Express via thermally wrapped packaging with ice packs. We have taken all steps to ensure that this product will arrive in spec, however takes no liability for delivery delays.

Parasiticide for the diagnosis and therapy of flumethin sensitive Varroa on bees.
Directions for use
By law, the label directions must be followed. Do not open the strips until immediately prior to use. Once opened the strips should be used and discarded within 6 - 8 weeks.
Bayvarol Strips are suspended into the spaces between the combs in the central brood rearing area (i.e. not in the honey supers) in such a way that they can be occupied by bees on both sides. Bend both tabs outwards in the same direction at the marked fold lines and hook over the top edge of the wooden frame. (See Figure 1)
For large colonies occupying several brood chambers two strips can be joined together end to end which enables their insertion into and removal from the bee spaces without having to separate the brood chambers. (See Figure 2)
Figure 1
Figure 2
Normally developed colonies receive four (4) strips per brood chamber. Nuclei and young colonies and newly collected swarms use two (2) strips per chamber (half dose).
Large colonies occupying several brood chambers use four strips per chamber, which are distributed over the central bee spaces in each brood chamber. Avoid the strips coming into contact with honey to be harvested for human consumption.
When to use
Best efficacy is to be expected when Bayvarol Strips is used in the late summer after the honey harvest. The strips should not be used during peak honey flow periods. However, Bayvarol Strips can be used at any time of year for diagnosis or in severe infestations where there is a threat to the survival of the colony. If emergency treatment for an infestation is necessary while honey supers are present comb honey should not be sold.
It is important the strips are not re-used.
1. Diagnosis:
Bayvarol Strips are inserted into the colony for 24 hours. Before inserting the strips cover the floor tray with a clean sheet of paper. This is then checked for the presence of dead Varroa mites 24 hours later.
2. Treatment:
Bayvarol Strips should be left in the colonies for six to eight weeks and then removed.
Resistance Management
Intensive use of Bayvarol Strips could result in the development of resistant strains of mites.
To minimise this risk use Bayvarol Strips strictly in accordance with the label directions. It is a requirement to alternate the use of Bayvarol Strips with products from other chemical groups.
Flumethrin belongs to the synthetic pyrethroid group of chemicals.
Wash hands after handling the strips, before meals and after work.
Environmental Protection
May cause long lasting harmful effects