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Italian Queens Avaialable Every Week


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Mated Italian Queen Bee

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Our Queen Bees are Bred in QLD by a reputable breeder.

Our queens will be available the whole year around.

Shipping Charges are set at a flat rate of 15%.

Available Every Thursday for pick up (Please order prior to Sunday to pick up ) 

We only ship queens on Monday(the Order has to be placed before Sunday 4 pm. to be posted on Monday).

🐝 Beautiful mated F1 Italian queens 

Docile temperament and very productive. Re queen now for a fast start next season.

Each queen is supplied in a queen cage containing the queen and 5-6 escorts, and candy for the bees' journey to you.

Pick up from Granville NSW & Brisbane or request express post for an additional $15.00 for up to 20 Queens.

Note: When you receive the bees, please put a drop of water on the queen cage as they are thirsty in transit.

We cannot ship to TAS, VIC, NT, and WA.

$5 extra for a marked queen.

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