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Quick Beekeeping starter kit with 3 Layer Mesh Suit

Glove Size

New to beekeeping? Or looking for a complete package that contains everything you need to start a new beehive?  Well, this is the starter kit for you.

There's no building or painting required.  This kit comes completely assembled with a 20/16 frame hive, 20/16 assembled wax embedded frames, Queen Excluder and all the tools you need to begin producing your own honey. Just add bees.

An OZ ARMOUR Premium Three Layer Mesh Beekeeping Suit & Cowhide Ventilated Gloves

Tool Kit

  • Stainless Steel best quality large Smoker 11.5 inches high, 4 inches Diameter
  • J Hive Tool Stainless steel Hive tool also called frame lifter.
  • Stainless Steel Frame Grip with wooden handle for comfortable grip
  • Stainless Steel Uncapping Knife
  • 3 rows Bee brush
  • Stainless Steel needles uncapping Fork

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