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Beekeeping Gear

TopBait Rat Bait Station

TopBait Rat bait stations are specifically designed to encourage rats to enter because they look like a safe dark place to hide. The bait sits perfectly in the station making it near impossible to be carried outside the station.

Further Product Information

Steps on how and where to place them

  1. First thing you need to do is clean up and make sure there is no scraps or anything the Rat / Mice might eat, with these food sources removed from the environment, feeding on the bait will become easier.
  2. Place Bait stations in cold damp locations where rat and mice are most active. If placing in the kitchen make sure to place it behind the fridge or other spots away from children and pets.
  3. Once the stations are placed in the optimal spots, do not move them as Rats are smart and some will get awfully suspicious of the moved station and will avoid it.
  4. Rats tend to eat more than mice, so if need be replacing bait inside rat stations more frequently will help keep rat numbers down.
  5. Placing alternative food within the trap before may calm the rats natural suspicion and lure them in more quickly, once the trap starts to smell of rat more and more rats tend to begin entering the trap.

Bait – Brodifacoum 0.05g/kg

Repeat until no sign of feeding