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February 05, 2020 2 min read



Over a number of years, human have been collecting honey from bees. As the years goes by, they switched towards an artificial mode of nurturing bee colonies, in a man-made hives called Apiculture or Beekeeping. It’s a proven triggering hobby, which directly involves children to interact with the nature, help pollination of gardens and eventually helps the planet. A beekeeper usually keeps the bees and collect their honey, apiary or bee yard is the place where bees are generally kept. No matter whether you know about beekeeping or not, it’s a pretty simple process to learn if you are anxious to jump into this line of work.

Before you start this journey, study bees, their behavior, understand how hives works, what bees do and how they do. Ask your local supplier about it, ask them to provide you details specific to your local area. You can ask us by clicking here on  beekeeping gear. In this way you’ll be prepared to construct a beehive for your bees when they arrive.

Mainly there are three types of hives which are used in beekeeping, Langstroth hive, Warre hive and top-bar hives. Langstroth hive is made up of vertically stacked boxes, in which each box contains frames where the bees work out, build their comb and stock honey, Warre hive are similar system to Langstroth system, it consists of vertical boxes having removable top bars instead of fixed regular boxes. While the top-bar hive is aligned horizontally, where you have to pull out the hive from the top. Langstroth is most commonly used in Australia. If you are hopping to install the system, we highly recommend you to check our peculiar designed beehives frames and componentshere

Get your  essential tools ready to set up and operate beehives. As soon as you’ve assembled your supplies and installed the system, it’s time for you to order your bees, it’s up to you to buy either a queen with “package bees” or a “nuc colony”. Spring is the best time to kick off your hive so that your colony has time to build up, to produce broods and can store honey before the winter.