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April 27, 2020 2 min read

The Chemistry of Honey

Honey is a life changer. Yep! It can turn the harshness into sweetness, can turn the illness to wellness. The sweet little buddies dancing in the air work so smartly to produce pounds of Gold for your benefit. They gather all the pollen & nectar to turn into sweetness loaded thick syrup called as honey.Guess where do they store? In their pretty little stomachs. You might be scared of their “humming”, well don’t be scared because their task for honey collection requires visiting up to hundreds of flowers. Its chemical composition shows it’s high in fructose which makes it a natural sweetener. Honey is an antibacterial & anti-inflammatory due to the presence of the phenolic content.

Natural Booster

Prefer honey over sugar and make your salads yummier by drizzling some honey on them. In the past people were wiser than the modern man, they used to bake honeyed cakes. Honey can boost up your immunity levels. At least two tablespoons of honey a day can keep you away from the hospital. Energize your days when feeling light headed and add up honey jars to your kitchen. Replace the jam bottles with honey jars, turn your toasts sweet with honey (sounds pleasing). It’s high in calories but they don’t ruin your health like artificial sweeteners.

Honey & CORONA

The hype is real so stock up honey loaded jars. It’s a prevention to stay healthy for fighting against the mighty COVID. Yuppers! Honey works! Squeezing lemon & honey (what a pleasant combo) to water actually turns up your immunity levels. The phytochemicals in it are a real blessing which help to stimulate the immune system. IT’S BEE’S KNEES! The honey is actually bee’s knees these days. It’s organic enriched with nutritious healthy elements. Everything goes away It’s the Honey that sticks with you in every thick and thin.

Soothing Sore throats to wounds

Fuel up yourself with (liquid gold) honey. Make your teas sweet with honey which will soothe your soul by reliving your cough and flu. The antibacterial properties in honey makes it best to heal wounds. It has low levels of hydrogen peroxide in It which on applying takes away the blemishes & scars. 

How to apply on burnt skin?

It’s sweet that Honey actually cares for you. Applying some amount of honey onto the burns repairs the damaged skin tissues. As it is diabetes friendly so It cares for the patients of diabetes. YES! Diabetic foot ulcers can be treated with this powerful liquid gold honey. Apply it daily, It will replace the dead damaged tissues and skin with fresh one. 

Why to rush to a hospital when you have got such a powerful medicine by mother-nature? Focus on the healing power of honey to save money. Drizzle a bit of honey in your food and lifestyle and you’ll be over the moon!