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Beekeeping Gear

Hive Top Feeder Polystyrene Honey Paw

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Available from the End of May

Honey Paw Beehive Top Feeder with 15 L capacity.

Honey Paw designed the hive top feeder to make the feeding of the bees very effortless. Feeding can be done without disturbing the bees just by opening the hive top and adding liquid sugar. The hive feeder has internal access from inside of the hive. Bees climb through the tunnel entrance under the clear plexiglass to feed. The feeder has been designed to offer very easy access by a wide enough entrance and provide “bee steps” to help the climbing.

See-through plex-glass is placed so that the airflow or daylight doesn’t disturb the hive and provides an inspection window for the beekeeper to observe. Feeders inside the bottom is slightly tilted by material thickness so that the feeder will empty even if the beehive is not adjusted straight on the ground (the side inside of the beehive is completely even so that no brace comb will form). The polystyrene beehive feeder should be painted also from the inside to help keep the feeder clean.


– Capacity of 15 L (should be more than enough)

– Warm and low weight polystyrene feeder

– Polystyrene density over 100 kg / m3

– Protective plexiglass prevents from bees devouring the feeder

– Two separate entrances when used “double nuc method or Palmerized hive” with 4 frame nucs