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30% More Honey Production

Gold Medal Apimondia Beehive

Elevate your beekeeping experience with Apimaye Thermal Beehives Brood Box and Deep Super combo. Crafted with precision and designed for the well-being of your buzzing companions, this kit is an essential addition to your apiary.

What's Included:

Deep Brood Box & 2 x Super

30 X Handy Frames

Hive Top Cover x 1

Inner Cover Type Top Cover Feeder (Full Size) x 1

Frame Spacers x 6

Entrance Reducers

Division & Uniting Board  x 1

Queen Excluder  x 1

Bottom Board with Pest control tray

 Pollen Trap

Some Amazing Features:

  • THERMAL BEE HIVE SYSTEM: The multi-purpose Thermal Hive types were developed taking bee biology, physiology and behaviors together with beekeeper requests and different ecological characteristics into consideration in line with this perspective. A Colony Management System that enables rearing bees in a healthy environment, transporting them without causing any harm and preventing potential harms to them has been implemented with Thermal Hives.      
  • THERMAL INSULATION: The innovative all-round double layer insulation helps keep the colony warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A special filling material used in the top cover and side walls of Thermal Hives provides thermal insulation, offering a suitable habitat for the colony in different climatic conditions and consequently enabling wintering without losses. 
  • ACTIVE VENTILATION: The design of the hives allows the incoming air from the hive bottom filters to rise all the way through the ventilation duct with the increasing temperature, and the exit through the air ducts on the feeders and then through the louvres on the hive top cover. This enables an affective draught free air circulation in the hive. The ventilation system is designed to work separately and independently for each hive model. The ventilation system prevents any rise of in hive humidity, preventing any yeast or mold formation in the hives.
  • BEE FRIENDLY PLASTIC: Thermal Hives are manufactured from certified plastic (HDPE) in accordance with the Food Codex, directly colored without employing external paint, using plastic blow molding and injection molding technologies. Manufactured to have antibacterial features, Thermal Hives support producers in controlling potential European and American Foul Brood diseases. The hives are manufactured with anti-static additives against dust formation and electrification. The raw materials with UV additives to protect the hives against harmful sun rays, thereby prolonging their service life.
  • HIGH PRODUCTIVITY: The trouble-free working environment Thermal Hives provides for bees removes the unnecessary work that would otherwise be required, enabling both the bees and the beekeeper to concentrate their efforts on producing honey and other bee products. Colonies coming strong out of wintering work more productively during the season.
  • VARROA CONTROL WITHOUT CHEMICALS: Thermal Hive bottom boards are equipped with an IPM system composed of a varroa excluder and drawer. Thanks to the design of the excluder, varroa falling off the bees cannot re-enter the hive. Regular cleaning of the drawer will lead the bees to the nectar instead of having to perform a nursing flight, providing a positive contribution to honey productivity.

Invest in the future of your beekeeping journey with the Thermal Beehives Brood Box + Deep Super combo. Your bees will thrive, and you'll enjoy the sweet rewards of your dedicated care.

Make a buzz in your apiary today and order this essential beekeeping kit now!