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Poultry and Bird Feed Supplement Diatomaceous Earth


Poultry / Bird Feed DE May be of benefit for improving or promoting [organ/system] health or production or performance. 

 The DE is milled to a particle size of between approximately 0.5 mm to 4.00 mm.  It is a perfect additive for mixing with regular chook pellets or laying mash, or bird food, as the finer powder has been removed.  Superfine DE powder may be purchased separately for external use. in nesting boxes or to rub into feathers. 

Of all farm animals, chickens and ducks respond the fastest to natural silica supplementation. Scientific trials show that when assessed against a control group, chickens fed DE were noticeably larger, with more meat, stronger bones healthier and free of parasites. 

  •   Feed supplement 
  •   For use with internal parasites 
  •   Reduces smells, fewer flies 
  •   Improves the health of the chickens 
  •   Improves the quality of the eggs 
  •   Increases the quantity of eggs produced 
  •   Save with lower production costs 

Research has found that this ratio of DE to feed (15:85) will control any worms that are present in the stomach of the birds and will reduce the smell emitted by droppings.*  The absence of any internal parasites as well as the improved overall health and well-being of the birds, can lead to measurable weight increases. 

*Endicott-Davies (2010)

The DE may be stored indefinitely in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.