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Beekeeping Gear

Wax Melter 8L 1800W Candle Making Large Melting Pot with Candle Making Accessories

Bees WAX
  • Wax Melter with stainless steel ball valve and upgrade inner tank design -- will not freeze up with wax inside the pot, NOT CLOGGY, NO NEED HEAT GUN ANYMORE! If you have a medium consistency of candle orders, this is well worth it to make things easier.If you are thinking of starting a small candle business this is ideal.
  • This wax furnace is the bomb and makes candle making so much easier. It will hold 8L of candle wax! Our melting is a huge container and is perfect for someone who makes a lot of candles daily. So much more efficient than melting a little pot or a double boiler of wax speeding up your work and great for making bulk product.
  • wax melter heats up in a matter of seconds but keeps the integrity of the scent intact. This is especially important if you use this to re-melt candles (or candle remnants) to make new candles or to make wax melts. Also has a setting for the temperature (30℃-100℃) that 1KG soy wax can be melted in 5 minutes at 100℃ setting.
  • The wax melting pot is safe for use. Also comes with a outer insulated cooler, insulated foam keeps your wax warm and isn't too hot to touch outside.

Electric wax melting pot is used for all kinds of candle making.Applied to melt most kinds of wax, such as hard wax, canned wax,wax beans,wax beads, brazilian wax, wax block.

1PCS Wax Melting Machine
100PCS 10cm Wax core
100PCS 15cm Wax core
4PCS Wax Core Holder
100PCS Sticker Dots
1PC Spoon


Name:Wax melting furnace

Power: 1800W

Voltage: 220V

Actual capacity: 8L

Temperature control range: 30℃-100℃

Material:stainless steel

Diameter: 22.5cm

Height: 40cm

Package Size: 27*27*43cm

Package weight: 3KG

Optional Bees Wax or Soy Wax