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Beekeeping Gear

Screen Bottom Board With Bottom Tray for Apimaye Ergo Hive

Replacement bottom board for Apimaye Ergo 10 Frame hive.

This bottom board can only be used with the Apimaye Ergo brood box (The bottom most box that has an ID tag attached). This bottom board can NOT be used with Apimaye supers to make another Apimaye hive. The front wall of the brood box is shorter than the front wall of deep & medium super to accommodate the hive entrance. This bottom board is designed for the brood box that has a shorter front.


  1. Empty hive.
  2. Flip on bench.
  3. Unscrew and remove.
  4. Place new board.
  5. Secure screws.
  6. Adjust gap.
  7. Check 2 screws.
  8. Confirm mouse guard alignment.