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Beekeeping Gear

Swarm Lure Attractant, Made in the UK

Vita’s Honeybee Swarm Attractant Wipe helps to attract passing swarms, and to lure swarms temporarily hanging in trees and other awkward places into a skep or box containing the swarm attractant. It will even reduce the risks of swarms leaving the apiary if a bait hive contains the attractant.

It comes in a small sachet  and resembles a cleansing wipe. It is impregnated with essential oils extracted from plants.

Box Containe Ten Satchels

Honeybee Swarm Attractant Wipes The active ingredients of the Vita Honeybee Swarm Attractant Wipes are the result of many years of research. Directions for Use Tear the sachet open a little or pierce a hole and hang it in a convenient place (perhaps a tree or a post) or just inside the entrance of a bait hive. Place traps around the apiary or bee yard at a maximum distance of 50 metres apart. Once opened, the attractant sachet will be effective for up to two weeks depending upon environmental conditions. (The warmer it is, the quicker the attractive substances dissipate.) Tips 1 The optimum height for positioning of the Swarm Attractant is 1.8 to 2 metres above the ground. 2 When using a bait hive, pin the open sachet to an empty brood comb. 3 The optimum positioning of the entrance to the bait hive or box is due south in the northern hemisphere, north in the southern hemisphere. 4 The efficiency of the Swarm Attractant can be increased by dipping the lower end of the sachet in molten wax – but take care as molten wax can cause injuries! Disposal After use, please dispose of the sachet and its contents according to local regulations. Used sachets can be placed in domestic refuse. Swarm hygiene precautions If you do not know the origin of the swarm you catch, it may be advisable to allow the swarm to draw some comb with the honey stores it carries and then to dispose of that comb for hygiene purposes. This may help quarantine disease the swarm may carry.