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Beekeeping Gear

10 Litre Honey Bucket With/ Without Honey gate


Food Grade Plastic.

Capacity: Holds approximately 10 Litre of water or 11 to 12 kg of honey (honey is heavier than water).

Here is the some of the important features of this honey bucket

  • COLLECT HONEY - Use this 10-Litre bucket to collect honey from your bees, whether you are a beginner backyard beekeeper or an expert bee farmer, place it under your extractor.
  • SECURE LID - This bucket features a tightly fitting lid and honey gate, both can be securely closed to ensure you will not lose any honey extracted from the beehive.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE BUCKET - This bucket also can be used for bringing simple syrup to the hive box to refill feeders, and is a great addition to any bee keeping supplies kit.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - This Honey Gate is expertly crafted from high-quality food-grade nylon, ensuring durability and reliability for seamless honey extraction processes.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE - This bucket has a 10-Litre capacity. Holds around 10 litres of water or approximately 11 to 12 kg of honey (since honey is denser than water).