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Beekeeping Gear

Glass Jar 220/380 ml With Wooden Honey Spoon Pack of 20, Optional Honey Labels with Nutrition info




Choice of 220 and 380 ml .These adorable 220  or 380ml hexagonal honey jar comes complete with a charming wooden spoon that makes drizzling golden sweetness over your favourite treats a breeze. With its six-sided shape that mimics the natural geometry of the beehive, this jar brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen counter or pantry shelf, and the smooth glass walls showcase the rich, amber hue of your honey, adding an extra boost to its value.


This jar is perfect for those who appreciate the simple pleasures of life, like a dollop of honey in their tea or a spoonful of sweetness on their toast. The natural wooden spoon is not only practical but also adds a rustic, cozy touch to your daily routine.


Savour the pure, natural taste of honey from this delightful jar, knowing that it was carefully crafted to preserve the integrity of your golden nectar. Whether you use it to add a touch of sweetness to your cooking, or simply admire it as a beautiful piece of functional art, this honey jar is sure to bring joy to your home.


Absolutely perfect for gifts. 

Optional Labels with Nutrition information


Jar Materials:

Food Grade Glass Jars 220 ml. With a Wooden honey Spoon.

Jar Measurements:

Height: 111 mm Width: 97 mm Outer Día: 33 mm Inner Día: 29 mm

Limited quantity available When you buy a Box of 20, $3.5 each