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Beekeeping Gear

Australian Made Wax Foundations Ideal

  • We use clean wax for manufacturing Full depth foundation sheets 
  • Proudly Made with Australian Bees Wax 
  • We use full density wax, this ensures better product life. 
  • If you store it for long time, it may crack in winters. 
  • To improve flexibility only use it at room temperature i.e. 25C - 30C 
  • Local production by expert staff (made by E.C.TOBIN Raglan NSW) 
  • Best Quality Guaranteed. 
  • Delivery is available All over Australia 
  • Safe & secure item Delivery with careful & good packaging 

How we Source Bees Wax 

We source original bees wax from different locations in Australia, and then send it to TOBIN Raglan NSW. We do not use any additives, all the bees wax is properly tested and after quality assurance only pure wax is used in manufacturing of wax foundations. 

  • Size: (LxWxH) 423 mm x 120 mm x 1 mm 
  • Package Weight: 14KG 
  • Number of Sheets: 180 - 185 

For 20 Frames=   $2.9 each 

For 100 Frames= $2.8 each