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Beekeeping Gear

Gabled/Pigeon Roof/Lid Telescopic With Ventilation

Inner cover

Product Description: 

 Many beekeepers consider aesthetics as well as functionality in their beehives before purchasing this beautiful hive top. A gabled telescopic lid is designed to keep out the weather and other elements. A gabled roof lid is a perfect choice to prevent the build of moisture inside the hive. With the extra height of the Gabled roof, there is more room for air to go and then escape through the vents. In addition to the wide skirt and rabbeted corners, our assembled Pigeon roof /lid offers ventilation.  To prevent the lid from being filled with a comb, it is best to include an inner hive mat/inner cover. It works best when used with an inner cover. 

  • Assembled Lid with ventilation. 
  • You can add an inner cover also to put it under. 
  • Ventilation holes have mesh under, them to stop bees from entering. 
  •  Dimensions 
  • 8 Frames: 600 mm*470 mm*185 mm 
  • 10Frames: 600 mm*550 mm*185 mm 
  • BULK BUY Discount available, please call 0481146420