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Beekeeping Gear

OZ ARMOUR 8-20 Frames Electric Honey Extractor Fully Automatic


Limited Quantities, order now

8 Full Depth Frames and 12 Ideal frames together

OR 20 Ideal Frames OR just 8 Full depth Frames


  • Made in Turkey  , Made to last
  • High-Class Machinery, Advanced OZ ARMOUR Beekeeping Technology
  • Sheet thickness of 0.80 mm
  • Honey storage Capacity more than 100 KG under the spinning basket
  • Radial
  • Reversible
  • ISO-9001-2015 Certified
  • Class-Leading 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2 mm chrome sheet metal foot
  • 304 quality Stainless Steel Basket
  • 4 mm unbreakable transparent cover
  • Diameter: 63 cm
  • Motor 180 Watts
  • Fully Automatic, with easy steps, you can program the extractor to Fully Automatic mode and you can choose the required time to extract  in forward and reverse direction


This item is shipped on a Pallet, either you should have a Forklift, if you don't have Forklift, you can pick it up from the local nearest depot.

If you don't have Forklift and still want home delivery, extra charges will apply depending on your location